What We Believe

We believe the way to preserve and strengthen the beauty, biodiversity, and livability of our planet is to run our business, and lead our lives, with consciousness. That's why we take our time to choose responsible shipping and product packaging that is responsible, eco-friendly, and sustainable.

Terms like "responsible", “eco-friendly”, and “sustainable” get thrown around so frequently that it can be hard to know what the words even mean. We want to be as transparent as possible and help clarify what we mean by responsible, eco-friendly, and sustainable shipping and product packaging.


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Our Commitment

  • Shipping and product packaging with as much recycled content as possible, with post consumer/industrial waste prioritized. 100% recycled; 95% post consumer/industrial materials.

  • Shipping and product packaging that is as easily recyclable as possible, with a focus on those that can be recycled back into themselves (versus "downcycled" into a lower value item).

  • Carbon footprint across entire packaging supply chain is considered seeking US-based supply chain partners with demonstrated commitments to transparent sourcing, renewable energy, minimizing resource utilization, and responsible waste management.

  • Custom shipping boxes sized perfectly for our products to help reduce the volume of packaging and material needed to provide a solid experience.


If you have any suggestions or feedback, send us an email at hello+packaging@organicman.eco