Times Style, Tampa Bay Times

Times Style, Tampa Bay Times

I was recently interviewed by Brittany Volk of the Tampa Bay Times in a segment they call Times Style. We met at a local St. Pete Brewery and spent a bit more time together than we expected. We talked so long, Brittany said it took her hours to transcribe the interview 😅


Tampa Bay Times | OBSPictured at Central Oak Barber Co. in St. Petersburg with some OBS products. Picture by Scott Keeler


The article covers everything from the inception of OBS, to what we're doing now, and even our plans for the near future. It starts off with an anecdote...


However, Goelz is quick to mention that he's not just selling products.

"We sat down and asked ‘What are we doing this for?' Our overarching goal is to improve human rights, and equal rights," said Goelz. "Right now we're finalizing a partnership with PFLAG," where some of OBS's profits go to the LGBT family organization.


then leads into our full blown Q&A...


Q: So let's talk beard grooming. Tell me your daily routine.

A: I'll take a shower, and I use a beard scrub soap first, so I get the beard nice and sudsy. It allows the natural and essential oils (in the soap) to set into the hair and the skin. I rinse it out, and after a shower, I use the wide-tooth comb to get all the big knots out, and then I apply the oil, about a dime size. That's actually the same amount for all men. Our faces are generally the same size. It's not as much about the hair. When you apply it, you want to get as much of it as you can on your skin...


All-in-all, I'm thankful Brittany arranged this interview and the article she wrote. It was great to meet her and have the opportunity to be featured in her column. Tap the button below to read the full interview over on the Tampa Bay Time's blog.


Read the full interview on tampabay.com Clicking this button will open tampabay.com in a new window

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