Batch 12: Virgin Grape Seed Oil

Batch 12: Virgin Grape Seed Oil

At Organic Beard Supply - all the cool kids just call us OBS - we mix our beard oil in small batches. In fact, if you have a bottle look on the side of it and you'll see a hand written batch / bottle number.

Batch 12: Virgin Grape Seed Oil

There are a few benefits to small batch production, we won't get into them here but you can read about our outlook on why small batch production is important here.

Let's dive a bit deeper into what is new in this batch and what we've learned since the last batch.

So, what's new in this batch?

Higher quality grape seed oil

We've discovered there is an even higher quality grape seed oil we can use in our product - organic, virgin, cold pressed grape seed oil.

Virgin grape seed oil is cold pressed from organic grape seeds without the use of solvents. A dark green appearance remains accompanied by a characteristic scent.

This means, instead of using solvents to remove the natural color and scent, our grape seed oil is more pure and still has it's natural characteristics (like scent and color). For contrast, the quality of our grape seed oil is like going from "vegetable oil" to "extra virgin olive oil".

Country of origin for each base oil

Batch 12 is the first batch to verify the country of origin for each of our base oils. That means, we are one step closer to knowing exactly what is in every batch from field to bottle.

First batch "at scale"

Our previous batches were created when we needed more inventory. When we ran out of inventory, we made another batch that yielded enough beard oil to hold us over. It was not very effective.

We decided while making batch 12 we would give ourselves enough time to document the process. We now have an "official OBS batch recipe", which will of course continue to improve as we experiment and learn more about our raw, organic ingredients.

We are now producing small batches quicker than ever with higher accuracy.

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What we've learned

Our goal is to learn something new with each and every batch, if not each and every bottle. We want to learn what you like, what ingredients are best, and how to continue to improve our product and process.

Batch 12 came with a better understanding of our primary ingredient, grape seed oil. Although it is accompanied by jojoba and argan oil, grape seed oil is the star of the show and deserved our attention. This has increased our overall quality and made our entire product line that much better.

We were also able to improve our production process reducing the amount of time we have to spend creating batches and increasing the amount of time we have to focus on improving our ingredients and our product. Who knows... maybe it will even open up enough time to work on expanding our product line... ;)

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