Small batch production is important - here's why.

Small batch production is important - here's why.

Small batch production is important - here's why.

"Small batch" might seem like a buzz word, hell it is a buzz word, but regardless of whether or not it is overused in marketing or not, we really believe in the value of small batch production for our products (and, we're not the only ones.)

At Organic Beard Supply - the cool kids just call us OBS - we figured you likely drink small batch beer and/or spirits, so why wouldn't you want to use small batch beard oil?

We try to learn something new with each and every batch, if not each and every bottle. We want to learn what you like, what the best ingredients are, and how to continue to improve our products and processes.

Here are a few of the things we've learned from small batch production.

Implement feedback sooner

We take feedback and implementing feedback seriously. Nothing is more unfortunate than collecting a bunch of helpful feedback, then not having the ability to apply it in a reasonable amount of time.

Since we make our products in small batches, we are able to apply feedback and get it into production much quicker.

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Test new things

Once we've collected, distilled, and implemented useful feedback, we continue the process by testing our changes in our small batches. We keep our tests small, but they lead to big changes that continues to improve the final product.

If we were to implement changes in large batches that didn't pan out, it would be a very wasteful practice and perhaps even cause the loss of high quality ingredients and perhaps loyal customers.

Continuously improve our process

Since we are creating our products more often, we have tons of chances to document and improve things as we go. This increases the amount of time we can spend focusing on our ingredients and the quality of our product.

Many things can come from an improved process including faster turn around time on batches, less spoilage of products, and a more effective team. All things that help keep the price of our products at an affordable price.

Small batch production is important

Whether we are trying to implement our customer's feedback quickly or cut down on wasted ingredients while testing new ideas, small batch production is important to us and something we are committed to keeping as a core tenant of our process.

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