[VIDEO] Interbrews™ - Hanging With Hashtag Creative

[VIDEO] Interbrews™ - Hanging With Hashtag Creative

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Court Bishop from Hashtag Creative to be interviewed for their very first episode in a series they're calling Interbrews™ a.k.a. "Interviews over beer".

Watch OBS get Interbrewed™ by Hashtag Creative

tl;dr Below is the written version of the interview above. If you don't want to watch the video (which is awesome...) and don't want to read the interview... well... you came to the wrong place.

An interview, over beers.

Court starts off with a brief intro to Hashtag Creative's new series Interbrews™.

  • Court Bishop from Hashtag Creative0:25
    Interbrews is a series of videos we are doing with local business owners of both large and small businesses. We get together, we have a beer, we talk shop at a local brewery and see what happens - maybe we even get a little buzz.
  • She then introduced me, we cheers beers, and she asks her first question.

  • Court Bishop from Hashtag Creative1:00
    What are you drinking there?
  • Tyler Goelz from Organic Beard Supply1:03
    Heavily. Ha - just joking, that's my mom's joke. I'm drinking the Green Bench IPA.
  • Court Bishop from Hashtag Creative1:10
    Excellent choice. I started out with Les Grisettes, a nice four percent-er. So, what made you get started in creating organic beard oil and do you want to tell us a bit about the birth of your business and the inspiration behind it?
  • Tyler Goelz from Organic Beard Supply1:33
    Sure. So, OBS was kind of created out of necessity. Ya know, I've had a beard since I can remember and back then there wasn't any kind of beard oil or beard care products or anything. Then people started coming out with them, where you could get beard care product for really cheap, but there wasn't really any organic option - or one focused on sustainability. The message was more-so, "If you have a beard you're a man and if you don't you're not" which is complete bull shit. So, we really wanted to go away from that direction and focus more on community. We want to take the organic, nonGMO, sustainable mindset and apply it to men's care. There are companies out there that do this already, even locally, but we wanted to add another one focused specifically on men's care to the pot. We want to strengthen the community.
  • Court Bishop from Hashtag Creative2:55
    Even your business cards are earth-friendly...
  • Tyler Goelz from Organic Beard Supply2:58
    Yep - they're currently 25% Hemp and 75% post-consumer material!
  • Court Bishop from Hashtag Creative3:03
    Can you give us a quick tutorial on how to use your product? Which one will you be using today?
  • Tyler Goelz from Organic Beard Supply3:07
    Sure. Here I have Camper which is our "outdoor" scent. So I'm going to get some oil in the center of my palm and rub it in. The length of a beard really determines how many drops are needed, I use about 10 drops. Then I actually go up underneath my beard and apply the oil directly to my skin, then I go back over and rub the excess oil into my beard. The skin is really where you want most of the oil to be applied because it's going to recondition the skin.
  • Court Bishop from Hashtag Creative3:47
    So guys with 5 o'clock shadows can use this?
  • Tyler Goelz from Organic Beard Supply3:51
    Yep! It can actually be more beneficial to guys with short to medium length beards because it going to help them through the itchy phase. That is IF they even want a longer beard. If not, it will just continue to protect against dry, itchy skin. Once the beard gets longer, it still fortifies the hair and prevents weak, coarse hair.
  • Tyler Goelz from Organic Beard Supply4:28
    We have three main scents: Camper, Citrus, and Spice [we also have Peppermint and Unscented] . The base ingredients, the carrier oils, are organic which are Argan, Jojoba, and Grapeseed oil. Each scent has a different blend of high quality essential oils that make them unique.
  • Learn more about our ingredients in our FAQ

  • Court Bishop Hashtag Creative4:40
    To wrap up, do you have anything to promote? Do you have a website, twitter, Instagram?
  • Tyler Goelz from Organic Beard Supply4:50
    Actually, we have a promo code specifically for this interview for 20% off orders... [HINT: WATCH THE VIDEO FOR PROMO CODE] . We also have a website at www.organicbeardsupply.com and you can find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Court Bishop Hashtag Creative4:40
    Alright, Cheers! It was a pleasure.
  • Tyler Goelz from Organic Beard Supply5:36
    Cheers, and thank you Hashtag.

As you can probably tell, the ladies over at Hashtag Creative are totally awesome and I had a really fun time with them during this interview. I appreciate the opportunity to, not only be the first in their Interbrew series, but to share some of the behind-the-scenes stuff about OBS with all of you.

If you have any interest in being Interbrew'd, email Sue at brew@hashtagcreative.co

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